Collaborative Project

Black Mountain Research (2013-2016) was initiated on the occasion of the exhibition “Black Mountain – An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933 – 1957” (5. June – 27. September 2015 ) at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin. The museum, Freie Universität Berlin and Dahlem Humanities Center developed a research and teaching based collaboration, including university seminars, public events, two conferences and digitally published projects. Both conferences, Black Mountain – Models Of Creativity (2014) and Black Mountain - Educational Turn and the Avantgarde (2015) are documented and viewable online. The website documents and extends the research practice as a work platform, including essays and images from students and researchers. A printed edition of Black Mountain Research was published with Kerber Verlag in 2016. Project Team: Eugen Blume, Matilda Felix, Verena Kittel, Gabriele Knapstein, Annette Jael Lehmann, Anna-Lena Werner


 LaToya Ruby Frazier
"Framework: Activism, Memory and the Social Landscape"
Anna-Lena Werner: Q&A

Anna-Lena Werner: Introduction
James Elkins: "What is Research?"


Practice as Research: Black Mountain and Beyond 
Research practices between Universities and Museums (with Annette Jael Lehmann), Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (DK), Between the discursive and the immersive, 3-4 Dezember 2015.

Guest lecture: Black Mountain Research
!KF:  Forum Artistic Research „per.SPICE!“: theatre maker Stefan Kaegi, part of the group Rimini Protokoll, and Annette Jael Lehmann & Anna-Lena Werner, who are conducting the Black Mountain Research project, an experimental forum connected to a new exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin, both dedicated to the famous former art school Black Mountain College (1933-1956), Juni 2015


Black Mountain and Beyond – Research Practices between Universities and Museums, (with Annette Jael Lehmann), in: Stedelijk Studies, Spring ’16, Between the Discursive and the Immersive, Amsterdam, 2016.

Art as Experience. Black Mountain Research, (with Annette Jael Lehmann), in: Lukas Feireiss (Hg.), Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Magazine, "Education: Trial and Error", Berlin, 2016, 22-29

COLLABORATION, in: Black Mountain Research; Annette Jael Lehmann (Hg.), Berlin: Kerber Verlag, 2016.